Yes, I know there are a zillion webpages out there that have emulators and emulation information. Well, I intend to devote this to odd or at least not mainstream emulators. I mean, can't you find the newest Snes9x version elsewhere? AND! I actually run them! And see if they work; how well; even supply screenshots and advice... If I get some email about something, I'll even quote you ;)

Suggestions on what to review are always welcome!

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BasiliskII: Square one to the net ... a step-by-step How-to


Week of August 13- Contest/Review: Searching for the Ultimate Oddity!
Week of August 6- SoftMac 2000 SR-2 - IMHO
Week of July 30- vMac for MacOS... within BasiliskII! Yes, it can be done...
Week of July 23- WinMac 4.3 - Your PC solution to mac's 'Finder'
Worm 0.91 - A DOS request!
Week of July 16- BasiliskII - The Freeware Mac II Emulator


Again, feel free to make suggestions! ...I am your Guinea Pig :)


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