Worm 0.91

Having voluntarily passed up reviewing this last week, somone mentioned they wanted a review on it this week. Ok, you get your wish! (See what email gets you? :) So I download Worm 0.91 from here, extracted it, and then did something very odd for me.. I actually read the Read Me file! Can you believe it! Well, the truth is I run Windows 2000 98% of the time, and therfore have no true DOS mode. So by nature, I steer clear of most things DOS-based. Not only is Worm DOS-based, but you must be at a c: prompt and type commands to get it running.

After skimming the readme, I knew what I needed... what most Mac Emu's need, a ROM image and a disk to boot off of. Throwing the same 1MB ROM image my BasiliskII uses into it yeilded nothing but a black square. Hrm. That didn't work. Well, this is an older 'system' that what basiliskII emulates, right? I remembered in the Read Me the example of the command line... C: WORM VMAC.ROM SYS755.IMG . So I'd need a vmac compatable ROM, eh? No problem.. quick trip to Link #6 on my Links page, and I've aquired a 128kb ROM!

Then I booted up successfully on a 7.0 Boot disk. Seems to work!

That's all well and good, but I'll need something better than 7.0 in Black and White... I'll boot off another system disk... For fun, i tried booting off an 8.5 system disk, and was rewarded with a flashing "x" on the little computer icon. Still browsing through the 66 gig mess called my PC, I found an OS8 hfv file, and had to laugh as Worm's screen showed a very sick-looking Mac icon on bootup... looks like somone poured milk in this guy's hardrive :)

Enough fooling around! 7.01 Full OS disk now, and it booted up just fine. Did I mention that Worm automatically checks your floppy drive each bootup? Handy feature. Now I'm in OS7, and playing with the menu... Nice and fast. Not lag that I can see... however, trying to play a sound creates errors, and in attempting to recreate it, it froze up completely. One other gripe I have is the small screen. As far as I know, there's no way to enlarge it. In fact, I have yet to find any options at all! I'm guessing by the build number and its simple DOS setup, it's not meant to be a BasiliskII contender, but a pretty stripped down Mac Plus emulator.

Oh, and just remember, it uses *.img files. Not *.hfv :)

That aspect is keeping me from getting, installing, and trying new programs thus far. I'll be sure to keep trying and to update things as needed. I must say though, as this must be nice for a low end DOS or win9x machine, I have many other recommendations to anyone who wants a productive Mac Emulator.


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