E-Maculation News: April 2009

Geocities: RIP

Looks like Yahoo is going to pull the plug on Geocities. That's sad. Last year AOL turned off all of its old “hometown” sites, and in doing so created a few hundred thousand dead links all over the internets. The old homepage of Jeff Bargmann's MacVision went away forever. It's a bit surprising that whenever I got digging around online for some information about an obscure topic, I often end up on a Geocities page built in the 1990s. Indeed, when I was writing the Executor setup guide for the Wiki here, I consulted the old Unofficial Executor Page that hasn't been touched in eleven years. It's an oldie, but still helpful.

I had a Geocities page back in 1996 or 1997. Geocities DID give us a whole lot of shit looking pages, but unlike Facebook and MySpace, it taught a whole generation of internet kids how to do basic HTML. That's how I learned.

Anyways, you had better get your fill of old-timey Executor info, old timey vMac news and old timey vMac Application Site disk images while you still can!

ClockWise 2009/04/26 20:12

Macintosh Garden Revival

The great Macintosh abandonware site Macintosh Garden is starting to come back online. The durable site went offline a little while ago when its host, Home of the Underdogs, went down. The new site doesn't yet have all of the original's downloads, but the site operators are getting them gradually. The new site uses a sort of wiki format, with each game having an individual page that includes screenshots, publisher information and more. It's all really great… I've been over there uploading screenshots and posting emulator compatibility information for a bunch of games!

ClockWise 2009/04/12 17:21

Mini vMac Downloads

There are now builds available of the April 2 Mini vMac snapshot. Grab them right here. Builds are available for Windows and Mac OS X.

Meanwhile, I've better organized the Basilisk II, SheepShaver and Mini vMac entries in the wiki. It should be easier to find the newer emulator versions now.


ClockWise 2009/04/10 02:42

New Mini vMac Development Snapshot

There is a new development snapshot of Mini vMac now available. Click through for a run-down of what's available. I'll try to compile it and post that in the forum later this weekend, although many of the changes are probably not suited for general distribution.

ClockWise 2009/04/03 19:53

New SheepShaver for Windows (30-03-2009)

There is a new build of SheepShaver for Windows now available. It fixes a longstanding copy/paste bug. Thanks to Cat_7 for the build and forum member kelvin31415 for suggesting the fix!

ClockWise 2009/04/01 09:25

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