E-Maculation News: August 2010

New BasiliskII and SheepShaver for Windows available!

New builds of BasiliskII for Windows and SheepShaver for Windows are available that support a startup sound. Place any sound with the name “boing.wav” in their respective folders and fire up. The original startup sound is included in the downloads atthis forum thread and at this forum thread.

Cat_7 2010/08/30 03:33

Welcome to August!

I am back from traveling!

While I was away, a new development snapshot of Mini vMac was released. Find the details at the official page. You can find some compiled versions in the matching forum thread.

While I was away, SoftMac developer Darek Mihocka did lots of blogging. Check his site for that.

ClockWise 2010/08/17 22:01

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