E-Maculation News: August 2011


MESS developer Arbee visited the forum again with news about the latest updated to the Macintosh emulation component of MESS. He wrote:

“A quick update: selectable cards is in SVN and seems to have gone over well with my testers. Due to core limitations you can only have 4 heads right now, but that should be fixable Wink Also, System 7 virtual memory now works fine, although it's kind of silly since you can just give the emulated Mac II 128 megs of RAM.

Up next: A/UX (our MMU emulation boots NetBSD and DomainOS Unix on other drivers now, so it oughta be tough enough), keyboard/mouse for Egret systems and PowerBooks, Ethernet, and Quadras.”

Wow! MESS will be the first emulator with a working MMU. Pretty cool.

Find the original info in the forum.

ClockWise 2011/08/28 02:07

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