E-Maculation News: December, 2015

Mini vMac Updated

The official Mini vMac site pointed out a few heretofore undocumented changes:

“There are a few changes in the Mini vMac development version in recent months that I hadn't documented previously:

The Virtual-Key Codes of Microsoft Windows, that are independent of differences in keyboard hardware, turn out not to be independent of the choice of Keyboard Layout. Changing the Keyboard Layout to something other than “US” may scramble the Virtual-Key Codes, strangely enough. Mini vMac will now check the current Keyboard Layout, and attempt to unscramble the codes, so that the Keyboard Layout chosen in Macintosh operating system running within Mini vMac will work properly. There is a new build option to disable this fix, -ikb 0, because this is fairly large amount of code and US only users don't need it. But also because I'm not sure I really understand this. Why has no one complained about this issue in the last decade?

Mini vMac on Microsoft Windows will now recognize the Virtual-Key code of VK_OEM_102, and translate it to the Macintosh key code of 0x0A. This key is used for angle brackets in the German keyboard layout, for example.

A new build system option “-cbt” selects the initial value of Caret Blink Time (Rate of Insertion Point Blinking) in the Parameter RAM.

Added build system option “-t fbpc” for FreeBSD on PowerPC.

Added build system option “-t cpu”, to provide a starting point for compiling a combination of operating system and CPU that is not yet supported.”

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