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(Guide updated December 9, 2023)


DingusPPC is a Power Mac emulator for Windows, Linux and OS X. It aims to more accurately emulate actual hardware as opposed to patching the ROM and RAM, like Sheepshaver.

The most functional machines you can run are the PowerMac 6100 and the PowerMac G3 Beige, although other machines are also implemented to varying stages of completion.

The emulator is under active development and updated quite often.


DingusPPC requires ROMs for the machines it aims to emulate. It relies on the command prompt to run.

Machines currently in development

Powermac 6100/6500 with nubus and scsi (machine argument is pm6100)
Powermac 7200 with pci and scsi (machine argument is pm7200)
Powermac G3 with ide and ati rage (machine argument is pmg3dt)
Powermac 4400 with ide (machine argument is pm4400)

Command line arguments

−m (machine)
−b (rom file to use)
−d (debug)
−−fdd_img= (floppydisk image to use)
−−cdr_img= (cdrom image to use)
−−hdd_img= (hard disk image to use)
−−gfxmem_size= (size of graphics memory to use)
−−rambank1= (size of rambank 1)
−−rambank2= (size of rambank 2)
−−rambank3= (size of rambank 3)
−−mon_id= (monitor type use use)
−−cdr_config= (Master-slave configuration to use)

The -m argument can be set, but Dinguspcc will also automatically deduce the machine based off the ROM's internal strings.

Command line examples

Command lines depend on the hardware the machine supports.

dingusppc -b PM6100.ROM -m pm6100 –gfxmem_size=4 –rambank1_size=8 –rambank2_size=8 –cdr_img=7.5.5.iso –hdd_img=753-6100.img
dingusppc -b PMG3.ROM -m pmg3dt –rambank1_size=64 –rambank2_size=64 –rambank3_size=64 –gfxmem_size=4 –cdr_img=10.2.iso

Browser Ports

DingusPPC has been ported to run in an internet browser. You can run it on InfiniteMac.

Compiling your own version

git clone https://github.com/dingusdev/dingusppc dingusppc
cd dingusppc
git submodule update –init –recursive
mkdir build
cd build
cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release ..
make dingusppc

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