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(page updated February 23, 2010)


Another emulator available is called EmMac. Not too much is known about this emulator, other than the fact that it was created long ago by Giuseppe Ciobbo. The version available here (2.04) was created in 1994. Most documentation is in Italian, however, a brief description about how to get it going is available in English as well. EmMac emulates System 6 & 7. It needs no rom file to run. If you are willing to give it a try, be prepared to install some DOS version on hard disk with a compatible mouse driver and Himem driver. DOSBOX will not work because of video driver issues…. If you get it running, you'll notice you can only boot from floppy and will not be able to format a hard disk because all disks show up as write-locked. Perhaps because this version is a demo and you need a license.

So, unless you are a diehard emulation grognard, you can forget about actually running this one for anything useful.

Update: Cat_7 made contact with emmac author Giuseppe Ciobbo! Read all about it.

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