Escape Velocity on a Windows PC

(updated September 13, 2011)


Escape Velocity is a wonderful role-playing/action/strategy/trading game for the Macintosh made by Ambrosia Software.

Escape Velocity For Windows?

The best way to play Escape Velocity on a Windows PC is to purchase Escape Velocity Nova (part three in the series), which has been ported to Windows. It costs thirty dollars. The scenarios of the first two games can then be played as plugins. These plugins are totally free! For help with this, stop by the Escape Velocity forums at Ambrosia.

Using an Emulator

If you simply must play the Escape Velocity games as they were originally released for Mac OS, you should use a Macintosh emulator. The best emulator to use is Basilisk II. We have a Basilisk II Setup guide. You'll need to follow the directions to set up the emulator and then install Mac OS 7.5 (free). You can then download and install Escape Velocity.

Emulation Support

We have a busy support forum that can answer your setup questions.


Here's the Macintosh version of Escape Velocity Nova on a Windows Machine running Basilisk II. Click to embiggen:


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