E-Maculation News: February 2010

AppleTalk Guides

Cat_7, always a busy guy, has updated his Appletalk for SheepShaver OS X guide, and has created a Appletalk guide for SheepShaver for Windows. Great stuff!

ClockWise 2010/02/22 17:55

New Basilisk II for Windows: January 15, 2010

And there is also a new build of Basilisk II for Windows. Similar to the SheepShaver build, it doesn't really contain many changes. But it also includes a full package. There are links to the 2006 builds there if you need them. Note that the old 142 build (provided there) will fix the “black screen” bug that some users experience.

ClockWise 2010/02/20 16:38

New SheepShaver for Windows: January 15, 2010

Our man Cat_7 has posted a new build of SheepShaver for Windows. Just online today, but is dated from last month.

It only contains very minor changes from the March 2008 build. The main point is to put out a more complete SheepShaver build, since it doesn't look like Gwenole Beauchesne's official site is coming back online anytime soon. The build we provide now includes everything from the official 2006 build - all of the documentation, keycodes stuff and drivers. It also includes some references to the documentation included here in the site wiki.

ClockWise 2010/02/19 17:57

Site Updates

I've made some updates to the wiki. The SheepShaver for Windows setup guide has been tweaked a bit. We've now got Disk Tools 8.5 available for download, which works as a boot disk for SheepShaver and might be helpful if you want to install System 7.

I was sent a screenshot of Basilisk II running in MorphOS and have added that to the Basilisk II section. Thanks Michal for that!

Meanwhile, Darek Mihocka's Thirty Tuesdays series has now reached its fourth Tuesday. Read it here.

ClockWise 2010/02/11 19:15

Mini vMac for Android!

Over on 68kmla there is some information about a port of Mini vMac to Android. Read all about it.

ClockWise 2010/02/08 22:26

New Mini vMac!

Welcome to February!

I was traveling most of last month so I didn't have time to make an update about it, but if you visit the Mini vMac Homepage you can find lots of new Mini vMac stuff. Some progress has been made on the Macintosh II sound emulation. Our Mini vMac forum has more information and downloadable builds.

ClockWise 2010/02/01 00:18

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