E-Maculation News: February, 2014

New Macintosh Emulator: Shoebill

Visit this forum topic to read about Shoebill, a brand new Macintosh emulator, version 0.0.1 of which has just been released. It has been in development for a few years, and has been designed with the express purpose of running A\UX, which no current emulators are capable of doing. Source is on Github right now, along with some very promising screenshots.

ClockWise 2014/02/28 11:12

New PCE Release

The news page of PCE indicates a new version was released on February 22. No changelog or indication of what was updated, however.

ClockWise 2014/02/27 11:02

New SheepShaver Build: February 01, 2014

There is a new build of SheepShaver available. Dated February 1, you can find it in the usual spot.

Changes since the July 2012 release:

- Support for disk images in sparsebundle format. See also explanation and discussion in this topic.

- Cursor grabbing toggle (Ctrl-F5). Pressing Ctrl-F5 will make the emulator grab the mouse cursor and keep it inside its window. Especially useful for some games. Again pressing Ctrl-F5 will release the cursor.

- Window-Fullscreen toggle (Ctrl-Return). Pressing Ctrl-Return will toggle between window mode and full-screen mode.

ClockWise 2014/02/26 20:37

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