Glider, by John Calhoun

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Glider is one of the great Macintosh shareware titles. This page attempts to collect old versions of that game. It supplements author John Calhoun's official Glider homepage which provides the following versions:

  • Glider PRO for Mac OS X
  • Glider PRO for Mac OS 9
  • More Houses Part I
  • More Houses Part II
  • Glider 4.0 for Mac OS 6 & 7
  • Glider 4.0 for Windows

Older Versions

We are happy to provide:


I'd love to have a 1.x release of Glider. Please share it if you've got it!

News and Updates

The staff of MacScene has recently (November 2010) conducted an interview with John Calhoun. Do check it out.

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