E-Maculation News: January 2009

On the Road

Expect few updates over the next month, as I will be on vacation. I really like vacation time!

ClockWise 2009/01/15 01:28

New SheepShaver For Windows Build!

There is a new build of SheepShaver for Windows now available in the forum. Our man Cat_7 describes it as “an almost forgotten build from 17th of September 2008 [that] should solve the problems with 9.0.4/restart/memory settings.”

Go get it.

ClockWise 2009/01/05 18:50


Welcome to 2009! Not much to report right now, but here is a screenshot sent to me showing some SheepShaver benchmarks with a 2 GHz Intel iMac as the host machine.

Sez the e-mailer:

“I'm getting wonderful Sheepshaver performance on my 2 GHz Intel iMac. I thought you might like to look at these Norton benchmarks (below).

MacOS X-10.4.11 Sheepshaver 2.3 MacOS 9.0.4

System is listed in Norton System Info as a 424MHz CPU and tests at approximately 12-times as fast as a Powermac 6100/60, the Norton reference system.”

I like getting e-mail. Feel free to send emulation stuff to me at mgoodine@gmail.com.

ClockWise 2009/01/05 04:16

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