E-Maculation News: January 2010

Wiki Updates

Welcome to 2010!

I've made a lot of little updates to the wiki. Gwenole's semi-official SheepShaver and Basilisk II sites seem to be down, so you can now get everything you need here and in the forum. Just follow the links on the emulator pages.

I have also updated the System 6 Hell collection of disk images for Mini vMac. Included now are the original shareware release of KidPix and the super-rare 4.0 version of Michael Casteel's Klondike game. We are up to 54 games and apps now.

New also are screenshots all over the wiki. Everything is very visual now.

But also offline is the Basilisk II setup guide from MacScene that I linked to a lot. We need a new one. Does anyone want to contribute one? Send me an e-mail.

Meanwhile, Darek Mihocka has been busy writing. See his latest scribblings over on the Emulators, Inc. page.

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