E-Maculation News: July 2009

SheepShaver: July 24

Lots more action on SheepShaver going on in the usual spot. Look for a new build dated July 26. As before, these builds are all for OS X only. The latest builds also include new features designed by Myrd. Check out the details of that over here. Myrd says,

“The idea is to allow for self-contained SheepShaver VMs, in a similar fashion to, for example, VMWare Fusion VMs.

The system is quite simple. If you create a folder with a .sheepvm extension, and put into it a file called “prefs” (what was previously in ~/.sheepshaver_prefs) and a file called “nvram” (what was previously in ~/.sheepshaver_nvram), you can then pass this folder path as an argument when launching SheepShaver - which will then use those files. Additionally, any relative path in the prefs file will be relative to the root of the .sheepvm directory (so you can put your ROM and disk images files in there).

On Mac OS X, as an added benefit, I've modified the Info.plist file so that .sheepvm bundles can be double clicked to automatically launch SheepShaver with that bundle.”

ClockWise 2009/07/28 18:23

PearPC for OS X

Our man Cat_7 has made a build of PearPC for OS X. Check it out in the forum.

He says of the build:

“I have compiled a version of PearPC for OSX from the latest source. For now, it uses the generic emulation which makes this build slow as a slug.

To run you need: -the program (included in the download) -the video.x file (included in the download) -a config file (create one yourself from the original documentation or copy from e.g. a windows installation and adapt the path to the hard disk image file) -a hard disk image file (best to copy one from an existing windows installation)

It's a X application, to be started from a X window. Go to the folder you downloaded the application in and execute the command: ./ppc “name_of_your_config_file”

Get it here: http://www.open.ou.nl/hsp/downloads/pearpc_osx_generic.zip

I haven't played around with networking or CD/DVD support, so you are on your own with that.”

ClockWise 2009/07/24 19:37

Support your Favorite vMac

If you have purchased a Mini vMac Variations Activation Code from Kagi, you can now “vote” to show your support for your preferred variation. Click over to the registration page for information on how to do it. The registration scheme will let developer Paul Pratt know which variations “are important and where [he] should be spending [his] time.”

Forum thread on the topic is over here. I voted for the Mac II variation!

ClockWise 2009/07/23 18:29

SheepShaver 2.3 (091907)

Another new SheepShaver build is stickied at the top of the usual thread. This one is a universal binary. It is still the best choice for Intel users, and I think we're getting close to making this the best choice for PPC users.

If the date format confuses you, look for the build dated July 19, 2009.

In order to reduce confusion (and also to make sure everyone gets the best version possible), I might try to convince Gwenole to post a newer version of SheepShaver on the official site. If anyone is using the old 2.3 version posted there, they are suffering from some serious bugs that are fixed in later versions available only on this site.

ClockWise 2009/07/21 17:31

SheepShaver 2.3 (091407)

Okay, here's another SheepShaver build.

It's another UB build. Looks like the most recent builds work well for Intel users, and things are finally starting to come together for PPC users.

Within that thread, the guys producing builds don't all use the same date format, so it might be difficult to know exactly which build I'm referring to here. Look for the one that is dated July 14, 2009.

ClockWise 2009/07/17 01:31

ARDI: Back online!

Hey this is pretty cool:

The website of ARDI (creators of Executor) is back online. It had been pulled off the internets for a long while.

Cliff Matthews even posted an update:

“Although I stopped working on Executor in 2002, I put the Executor source on Github at the end of 2008. In June 2009, I made it build using the GNU build system. I also did a minimal port of it to Mac OS X (both PPC and Intel). To build Executor, you'll need to build Syn68k first. The source to Syn68k is on Github as well.

Stolen Bases, the company I co-founded in 2006 was purchased by E-Line Ventures. Although I now have a bit more free time than I have in the past, I'm mostly doing consulting work and have a new start-up on paper. My family (wife and three kids) continue to be a great source of fun, pride and inspiration.”

Good job, Cliff! Nice to have you back!!

We have a forum thread all about latter-day Executor developments.

ClockWise 2009/07/14 19:24

SheepShaver 2.3 (091307)

Scroll all the way down near the end and you can see some news about another SheepShaver build.

Thanks to Ronald P. Regansburg:

“This build runs fine on my machine in Leopard with no 512MB RAM limit (did not try Tiger yet) and it indeed uses only around 17% CPU.”

It's Intel only.

ClockWise 2009/07/13 23:22

SheepShaver 2.3 (091207)

Still more updates to that SheepShaver build I've been writing about. I should mention that the build should allow you to exceed the old limit to RAM in the emulated machine.

More updates to follow, I'm sure…

ClockWise 2009/07/13 00:32

SheepShaver 2.3 (090807)

That SheepShaver build I've mentioned twice already continues to get updated daily. Stop by the forum for the very latest version.

Meanwhile, emendelson has updated his disk image chooser for the OS X version of Basilisk II. Get that, also, in the forum.

It's been a very productive week on the message board. Lots of wonderful posts have been made. Please do stop by for a visit if you haven't already!

ClockWise 2009/07/10 07:50

SheepShaver: 2.3 (090707)

A slightly updated version of that SheepShaver build is available in the original forum thread. Scroll down to the bottom of page one to find the updated version.

ClockWise 2009/07/08 02:09

Sheepshaver: 090507 ("Cannot map RAM" fix)

We've got a new build of sheepshaver available for download in the forum. This one might (further testing required!) fix the “cannot map RAM” problem that many users are experiencing.

Please check out the build and report your results… this problem has given grief to a lot of users.

BIG thanks to mschmitt for creating the build.

ClockWise 2009/07/06 01:07

Mini vMac for OS X

You can now swing by the unofficial releases page to get some OS X builds of that new Mini vMac alpha. Thanks to macgeek41796.

ClockWise 2009/07/02 22:46

Updates: Executor, Mini vMac, Classilla

Lots of updates to kick off July.

First: If you take a look over at Github, you will see that Cliff Matthews has spent the last month doing some updates to Executor. That's pretty cool, as we haven't had an updated release in years. There's nothing to download at the moment, but some skilled users might be able to compile his changes. There's a forum thread on the topic.

Second: Classilla has hit! Classilla is the new Mozilla based web browser for Mac OS 9 that I wrote about last month. I'll try it out in SheepShaver and report back here with my results as soon as I can…

Third: There are some Mini vMac builds from July 28 available in the forum right now.

ClockWise 2009/07/01 21:31

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