E-Maculation News: July 2011

PearPC 0.5.0

Wow. There is a new release of PearPC. Say hello to PearPC version 0.5.0. Download it at the official site.

It has been five and a half years since the last release of PearPC!

The full changelog says:

“- slightly better code for lmw/stmw opcodes
- use “GNU as” instead of nasm
- use -mdynamic-no-pic on *darwin
- fixed some strict-aliasing problems
- JITC: AMD64 support
- compiles with gcc 4.3, 4.4, 4.5”

ClockWise 2011/07/18 05:44

MESS Updates

MESS developer Arbee recently stopped by the forum to update us on the status of the Macintosh emulation component of MESS. He wrote:

“- The Mac Portable and PowerBook 100 and the Powerbook 140/170 series now all boot. ADB isn't hooked up yet so they're not usable though.
- I finally got the dumped Egret 6805 code to run and communicate with the 68K, so systems that used one are going to be much easier to bring up. Thanks to Paul Pratt for the dumper program and the people who ran it on their hardware Macs and submitted the results.
- I fixed the interrupt routing on the IIci emulation so full ASC sound works without hanging the emulated MacOS. PlayerPro and SoundTrecker sound great now, as do games.
- VIA wait states have been implemented for all models, so they run closer to real speed”

Check out the forum thread on the topic.

ClockWise 2011/07/13 06:35

Basilisk II for Android

The Android port of Basilisk II is now available for download. Find it here.

There is also a forum topic discussing the port.

ClockWise 2011/07/08 22:23

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