E-Maculation News: July 2012

New SheepShaver for OS X

There have been a couple of test builds of SheepShaver for OS X posted in the forum. First was a build dated July 1 and most recently a build dated July 7. Do check them out!

Some of the improvements include:

  • Gamma fix that allows running Ferazel's Wand and some other games.
  • When SheepShaver is not using CD-ROMs (CD-ROM driver disabled in preferences), SheepShaver will no longer prevent ejecting CD-ROMs in the OSX host.
  • Accidental mounting of disk images at the same time in SheepShaver and OSX is prevented.
  • Copy and paste text both ways between guest MacOS and host OSX is now also possible in 64-bit mode. This solves the main obstacle for using SheepShaver in 64-bit mode. More: In 64-bit mode you can copy and paste formatted text both ways. This is tested with SimpleText and Tex-Edit Plus in MacOS and with TextEdit in OSX. It may work with more applications.

ClockWise 2012/07/16 18:37

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