E-Maculation News: June, 2015

Mini vMac on Apple Watch

Mini vMac has been ported to Apple Watch. That's pretty cool!

ClockWise 2015/06/27 22:55

Mini vMac Development Snapshot

There is a new Mini vMac development snapshot available, dated June 10.

The official site says:

“There is a new Mini vMac Development source snapshot, which updates the build system to support current development tools from Microsoft and Apple. The “-ev” option now supports Apple Xcode 6.3.2, Xcode 6.2, Xcode 4.6.3, and the 6.4 Beta. Though not tested, Xcode versions in between should also work. And for Microsoft, the “-ev” option supports Visual Studio 2013, Visual Studio 2012, and Visual Studio 2015 RC.

There actually doesn’t seem to be much change to the file formats for these IDEs. The only change to Mini vMac build system is to just write different version information. A few more changes were needed to the Mini vMac source code due to compiler and API changes. And also both IDEs now include source code analysis tools, which found a few things to fix, and to change just to avoid warnings.

The Carbon version of Mini vMac can not be compiled with recent Xcode, instead the Cocoa version must be used (with the “-api cco” option).”

ClockWise 2015/06/27 22:52

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