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 ===== Kegs32: An Apple IIgs emulator ===== ===== Kegs32: An Apple IIgs emulator =====
-(Last updated ​December 232011)+(Last updated ​September 82012)
 ==== Information ==== ==== Information ====
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 === Correction === === Correction ===
-Jorpho [[http://www.emaculation.com/​forum/​viewtopic.php?​f=3&​t=7402|sent in a note]] pointing out that the disk images **can** be extracted in Windows.  ​Pay attention:​ +Jorpho ​points out that using **The Unarchiver for Windows**, one can easily extract the install disks in Windows. ​ Check out the instructions in [[http://​emaculation.com/​forum/​viewtopic.php?​f=3&​t=7402|this forum thread]].  ​Read the whole topic for instructions that reflect ​the most recent versions of The Unarchiver ​(the initial instructions given are bit old).
- +
-"It turns out it is quite possible to extract them under Windows after all, if you want to. +
- +
-The .sea.bin file is, to be precise, a MacBinary-encoded DiskDoubler archive. You can get rid of the MacBinary encoding using [[http://​sourceforge.net/​projects/​macbinconv/​files/​macbinconv-win/​1.1.0/​|macbinconv]],​ specifically by invoking\\  +
- +
-"​macbinconv.exe -mb "​yourarchivename"​.sea.bin -dfrf "​yourarchivename"​.dd "​yourarchivename"​.rsc"​\\  +
- +
-This will put the DiskDoubler archive ​(without its .sea stub) into "​yourarchivename"​.dd .\\  +
- +
-It turns out the DiskDoubler archive can in turn be extracted with [[http://​wakaba.c3.cx/​s/​apps/​unarchiver|The UnArchiver]],​ available for Windows as command-line utility [[http://​theunarchiver.googlecode.com/​files/​unar0.99_win.zip|here]]. In this case you need to run\\  +
- +
-"unar -k skip "​yourarchivename"​.dd\\  +
- +
-The result should be the decompressed disk image.+
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