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(Site updated May 1, 2023)


E-Maculation is dedicated to emulation of the classic Macintosh computer in MacOSX/macOS, Windows and Linux. This is possible through the use of emulators such as SheepShaver, Basilisk II, Mini vMac, Qemu and PearPC.


We host a number of setup guides:

  • To emulate a G4 PowerPC-processor based Macintosh and install up to Mac OS 9.0.4, read about setting up SheepShaver for Windows, MacOSX/macOS, or Linux.
  • To read about emulating an older Apple machine with an 68xxx processor, try our guides to setting up Basilisk II.
  • To emulate an even older Macintosh (a Mac Plus running System 6), check out our guide to setting up Mini vMac.
  • To run Mac OS 7.1 to 8.1, 9.0.4 to 10.5 or A/UX 3.0.1 to 3.1 in Windows or MacOS, see our guides about running Qemu.

We also host a number of guides dealing with specific issues.

Latest News

QEMU now emulates 68K Macintosh computers!

Read about that story, and all of the latest Macintosh emulation news, in the news section.

Support Forum

We host a busy support forum.

Register for the forum over here.

E-Maculation Wiki

There is no open registration with this wiki. Only administrators and assigned editors can post or edit articles.

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