E-Maculation News: March 2009

One More SheepShaver (March 19 2009)

Another SheepShaver build! This one fixes some problems with the built-in prefs editors. Grab it from the usual spot.

ClockWise 2009/03/21 22:48

Another SheepShaver Build (March 16 2009)

Ronald P. Regensburg has posted another build of SheepShaver in the forum. This one is a Universal Binary, unlike the builds from earlier this month (and last month). Check out the forum for more information.

ClockWise 2009/03/16 18:53

SheepShaver Fixes

The SheepShaver build I posted about last week has been updated a bit more. Check out the original thread for the full scoop.

ClockWise 2009/03/05 03:30

MacOS on iPhone, Again!

Reader MeanE sent me a link to the MacOS on iPhone Project, which is all about getting MacOS running on the iPhone. The project only offers up screenshots at the moment, but I guess this is distinct from the use of Mini vMac on the iPhone that I wrote about back in November, as it appears to use QEMU for its emulation.

ClockWise 2009/03/02 19:37

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