E-Maculation News: March 2012

New SheepShaver for Windows

There is a new build of SheepShaver for Windows (dated March 28, 2012). This one includes a fix that will run certain Ambrosia games (Ferazel's Wand, in particular) to run better. Find it in the forum.

ClockWise 2012/03/28 10:00

New Mini vMac Development Snapshot

There is a new development snapshot of Mini vMac now available. It's dated March 23.

ClockWise 2012/03/24 09:57

New SheepShaver for OS X!

There is a new build of SheepShaver for OS X now available! Get it in the forum. It is dated February 11, 2012.

ClockWise 2012/03/20 16:30

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