E-Maculation News: March, 2014

New Mini vMac: March 15

Looks like Mini vMac developer Paul Pratt is making up for lost time; there is another alpha release available on the official site.

ClockWise 2014/03/20 18:35

New Mini vMac alpha: March 9

There is ANOTHER alpha release of Mini vMac available. Grab it at the official site, as usual.

ClockWise 2014/03/10 17:56

New Mini vMac Alpha releases: March 1 and 5

There are a couple of alpha releases of Mini vMac now available. Check that link for changes.

ClockWise 2014/03/07 20:18

New Basilisk II for OS X: March 1

There is a new build of Basilisk II for OS X now available. It is dated March 1. It's the recommended build, but if you are a gamer read the whole forum topic for some important notes. Expect an additional build shortly.

ClockWise 2014/03/07 20:16

Mac Emulator in a Browser!

You need to check this out. It's a port of PCE that runs in a browser. PCE, as you know, emulates a Mac Plus. This implementation includes a few common applications and games. Keep watching this page for updates - the developer is an active member of our forum.

ClockWise 2014/03/07 20:11

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