E-Maculation News: March, 2015

SoftMac Beta News

The SoftMac beta page was updated this month. It says (among other things)

“The tenth generation of our 680×0 emulation products Gemulator and SoftMac is now under development. Gemulator version 1.0 was first released at the 1992 Glendale Atari Fair. For the version 10.0 releases, high priority issues are being addressed, including:

  Touch support for Surface Pro tablets.
  Video resolution fixes and support for screen rotation and dynamic resolution updates.
  Support for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.
  Support for EmuTOS (the open source Atari TOS ROM clone).
  Faster performance optimized for Intel's latest "Broadwell" CPU micro-architecture.

From the functionality point of video, the 10.0 releases should be as compatible as earlier releases. The same disk images and ROM files supported by previous releases should continue to work.”

ClockWise 2015/03/22 00:14

Mini vMac Development Snapshot

There is a new development snapshot of Mini vMac available (dated March 6). A bit too many changes to note here, but you can read all about them on the main page.

ClockWise 2015/03/18 09:06

PearPC .6pre

PearPC has moved from SourceForge to Github, and an experimental .6pre release is now available!

From the site:

Hopefully this makes merging patches easier. Additionally, I made the repository compile under clang and the assembler shipped 
with Mac OS X.

Get it here.

ClockWise 2015/03/06 08:07

New TEST version of SheepShaver for Windows

A new version of SheepShaver for Windows is now available for testing. It is dated March 1. Current fixes are:

-You can now again boot from and access real CD's in 64 bit Windows hosts, and the cdenable.sys driver is no longer needed
 in 32 bit hosts (but can still be used).
-Changing CD's is supported (use the polling option in the GUI)

Get it here.

ClockWise 2015/03/06 08:04

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