E-Maculation News: May 2011

Mini vMac for Android

There is a new project to port Mini vMac to Android. This project builds on an earlier effort that we've already mentioned here. It uses more up-to-date versions of the Mini vMac code. Do check it out.

ClockWise 2011/05/21 18:06

E-Maculation is Twelve!

This website turns twelve years old this week. Who'd have thought we'd reach this milestone? And who'd have thought that we'd be going strong after all these years? Indeed, the site is better than ever. Our relaunch as a “wiki” sort of site is what did it. Things aren't as stale as they were during the old days. Things are always up-to-date and the site is easily modifiable by a wonderful group of contributors with specific interests.

Thanks go to everyone who visits the site (especially those who still read this news section, which has been of diminished importance since the shift to the wiki format). I don't plan on leaving the site any time soon… here's hoping that it will be around for another 12 years.

ClockWise 2011/05/15 06:14

New pce/macplus

There is a new release of pce/macplus now available. It actually hit last month, but we failed to notice. Whoops.

ClockWise 2011/05/13 19:07

New Mini vMac Alpha!

Welcome to May!

There is a new Mini vMac alpha release on the official page. It is based on a development snapshot from late April.

ClockWise 2011/05/06 18:33

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