E-Maculation News: May 2013

New TEST BUILD of SheepShaver for OS X

Visit the forum for a new test build of SheepShaver for OS X. Lots of nice features. If there are no serious bug reports this will shortly replace the recommended build.

ClockWise 2013/05/24 20:11

Mini vMac Updates

Over on the Mini vMac page there is a new development snapshot which now “may” work on Raspbian for the Raspberry Pi.

There's also word of a TI-Nspire port from April that I failed to mention here!

ClockWise 2013/05/24 20:09

New Builds of SheepShaver and Basilisk II for Windows

There are new builds of SheepShaver and Basilisk II for Windows, dated May 6. Find them here (SheepShaver) and here (Basilisk II). These builds include a patch that allows quick switching between windowed and full-screen mode by using the Ctrl+Enter keys. Note that the Basilisk II build also includes a fix for the famous “black screen” issue.

ClockWise 2013/05/09 07:10

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