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(Page Updated November 25, 2020)

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Mini vMac is an open source emulator of 68000 based Macintosh computers. The project's main goal being an accurate emulation of the Macintosh Plus computer. In addition to the Macintosh Plus, variations of Mini vMac can emulation the Macintosh 128K, 512K, 512Ke, SE and Classic models. Recent alpha releases of the emulator support (unstable) Mac II emulation.

Mini vMac is available for Mac OS X, Windows, Linux and a variety of other systems. To get started with the emulator in Windows, check out our setup guide.

We provide a large collection of games and applications ready to use in the emulator.

Latest Version

Mini vMac for Windows

Mini vMac for OS X

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Developer Philip “PC” Cummins began work on vMac in 1996. It was quickly ported to a variety of platforms, with the Windows port developed by Weston D. Pawlowski. Work stopped on the emulator around 1999. In 2001, however, Paul Pratt made an initial release (for Mac OS only) of “Mini vMac,” an emulator intended to be “a simpler version to serve as a programmer's introduction to vMac.” A Windows port followed very soon after.

Pratt continues to work on the emulator and says that mini vMac is “intended to be as simple and maintainable as possible, while still being usable enough that the software running within it is as usable as ever.” Mini vMac is also intended to be easily portable to any system.



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