E-Maculation News: November 2009

System 6 Hell!

The System 6 Hell part of this site now includes 43 old games and apps! The list now includes a few games that were sent to me via e-mail. Please feel welcome to send games or make requests for games. If they fit the theme of the collection (freeware/shareware/System 6 Compatible/from the 1980s) I will add them to the collection!

ClockWise 2009/11/10 18:22

Executor for OS X

There is now an experimental build of Executor for OS X available on MacScene. The download is also available on our Executor page.

ClockWise 2009/11/09 21:57

Welcome to November!

Welcome to November! October certainly was a busy month here. A ton of new visitors came by to check out the latest SheepShaver builds. And the forum is really busy - it looks like a lot of those visitors have decided to stick around.

Meanwhile, I've done a bunch of housekeeping around the site. Here's what's new and improved:

  • I used the very wonderful include plugin for Dokuwiki to improve the way that our news archives are displayed. It should now be easier to browse old news. I also pasted in a few more items from the news archive into the wiki. You can now read posts going all the way back to March of 2004. I will post more items when I have the time.
  • The SheepShaver and Basilisk II sections are now, I think, organized in a better fashion. Most people come here for the new builds, so those are promoted front and center in the wiki.
  • Our big archive of unofficial releases is now more complete. You should be able to find any old version you might want.
  • The download section is more complete. That section is a comprehensive listing of everything that is available for download throughout the site.

I made further fixes around the site. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or comments about the site.

ClockWise 2009/11/1 00:34

News Archive

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