E-Maculation News: November 2010


I missed this one when it happened, but if you click over to the official MESS page you can find a new version of that software, which was released on October 31. The new version includes a whole lot of improvements to the Macintosh emulation component of MESS that we've been talking about in the forum. MESS developer Arbee points out in the forum that the builds includes all of those improvements,

“…although there's a regression with floppy disks on the Plus/SE/Classic that snuck in that I'm chasing (the SE/30 and II/IIx/IIcx works for setting up HDD installs in the meantime).”

As a bonus, he points to the daily MESS builds. He says:

“Nothing too exciting since the release yet, but once I find the Plus's floppy problem FDHD's up next.”

ClockWise 2010/11/15 07:04

New SheepShaver for OS X

Welcome to November!

There is a new version of SheepShaver available, dated November 6, 2010. This one has some minor fixes.

ClockWise 2010/11/06 19:34

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