E-Maculation News: October 2010

New SheepShaver for OS X

There is finally a new build of SheepShaver for OS X. Find it in our forum thread. This one is date October 24, 2010.

The change-log says:

“Improvements in 24 October 2010 build:
- Will now run in 64-bit mode in Snow Leopard on 64-bit able Intel Macs.
- Partial support for bin/cue files to enable the use of (images of) mixed digital/audio cdroms.
- Multiple related 'under the hood' changes.”

ClockWise 2010/10/25 07:02


I did a big clean-up of the wiki. Do take the time to click-around. Lots of little fixes to the guides and articles. One particularly interesting addition is of an early Window Demo to the System 6 Hell collection. This is one of the earliest surviving Macintosh programs in existence. Do take a look. Just make sure to slow down your Mini vMac.

ClockWise 2010/10/14 20:31

New pce/macplus

Welcome to October!

There is a new version of pce/macplus available for download. It was actually released on September 20, but I didn't mention it here at that time.

I actually spotted that news on EmuHQ so do check them out. Nice site, that one.

ClockWise 2010/10/03 05:36

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