Trace: Other Emulators

Other Emulators

A new PowerPC emulator in the making is:

There are a couple of new Mac Plus emulators under development, but we have not given extensive coverage to:

  • pce/macplus (good for Linux, OS X and Windows hosts)
  • M.A.C.E (a “runtime library and executing environment for old Mac applications,” no ROM needed)

There are a few emulators that were once popular, but are no longer under active development. These are good for running on obsolete host systems:

  • SoftMac (this is good for Windows systems)
  • Fusion (this is good for DOS hosts, but also runs in DOSBox on supported systems)
  • Executor (this is a ROM-less emulation good for Windows and Linux hosts)

Additionally, there are a few emulators that were never popular, and are also no longer under active development:

  • Worm (good for Windows hosts)
  • Emmac (this one is near-impossible to use)
  • GrayBox (very basic stage of development, development inactive)

Macintosh emulation is also included as a component in the (very) active MESS project:

Finally, there was a horrible rip-off of PearPC that got a lot of attention many years ago:

We also have some information about emulators of non-Macintosh Apple computers:

  • LisaEM (emulate the LISA)
  • kegs32 (emulate the Apple IIgs in Windows)
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