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   * -netdev tap,ifname=TapEthernet1,id=network01 -device sungem,netdev=network01,mac=52:54:00:12:34:56   * -netdev tap,ifname=TapEthernet1,id=network01 -device sungem,netdev=network01,mac=52:54:00:12:34:56
   * -netdev tap,ifname=TapEthernet2,id=network01 -device sungem,netdev=network01,mac=52:54:00:12:34:66   * -netdev tap,ifname=TapEthernet2,id=network01 -device sungem,netdev=network01,mac=52:54:00:12:34:66
 +=== Accessing a Windows 10 share from Mac OS 9.2 running in Qemu, using Dave 6.2.1 ===
 +In Windows: \\
 +-Make sure you have some folder shared \\
 +-Bridge your tap device with your default network interface (see above)\\
 +-Start Mac OS 9 through Qemu with tap networking \\
 +-Use DHCP on the Mac side. \\
 +In Mac OS 9: \\
 +-Install DAVE 6.2.1 (find it at Macintoshrepository.org) \\
 +-Shut down and start Mac OS \\
 +Follow the setup assistant. \\
 +-name, company, serial number \\
 +-Netbios name: (f.i., QemuOS92) \\
 +-Workgroup: WORKGROUP (should be found automatically) \\
 +-Description: (f.i., QemuOS92) \\
 +-Login at startup: unchecked \\
 +Overview: \\
 +Computer Name: QEMUOS92 \\
 +Workgroup Name: WORKGROUP \\
 +Description: QemuOS92 \\
 +Use DHCP to make additional settings \\
 +-Sharing local files: check I don’t want to share my local files \\
 +(if "Use DHCP to make additional settings" is not shown, check DHCP in the NetBIOS Control Panel) \\
 +-Start the Chooser, select your host as server. Enter username, password, leave domain as is. \\
 +-You will get an unknown error…. \\
 +-In the SERVER box, click Add Share.  At Share enter a share name on your host. Click OK, and OK. \\
 +The share appears on your desktop, you can now exchange files through the share.
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 -Sound support\\ -Sound support\\
--Support for a PMU (power management unit)\\ 
 You can download some of these experimental builds for our forum under **Experimental builds** : http://www.emaculation.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=9028 You can download some of these experimental builds for our forum under **Experimental builds** : http://www.emaculation.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=9028
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