E-Maculation News: September 2011

September News Round-up

Welcome to September! I've been a bit busy this month, so have missed a lot of updates. So here's a quick round-up to summarise all the important stuff from this month…

FIRST: There is a new beta of Mini vMac now available, dated September 20. Check out the official site for the full description.

SECOND: There is also a new release of PCE/Macplus available.

THIRD: Paul Pratt shared a link about an effort to Emulate a Macintosh Plus in hardware.

FOURTH: There is a new version of the classic Macintosh game “Daleks.” And it is designed for Classic Macs! Read about it in our forum.

FIFTH: I rewrote our PearPC setup guide. Do check it out if you feel like playing with that emulator. I've ditched the old “PearPC Control Panel” in favor of a newer (and nicer) alternative.

(see you in October!)

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