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 +====== E-Maculation News: September, 2016 ======
 +===== Major QEMU Development =====
 +Sorry, I've been away from the news page for a little while, but I just want to point everyone to our [[http://emaculation.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=34|QEMU forum]] where you will find months of major developments.  A summary of the basic state of the project:
 +"There is no sound support to speak of. But networking works. The emulation is kind of slow, there is no JIT (or TCG as it is now called in Qemu). On the up-side: it is stable and can run up to Leopard, and classic runs inside OSX. For now 9.2.2 and both 10.3 and 10.4 run nicely."
 + --- //[[mgoodine@gmail.com|ClockWise]] 2016/09/23 08:36//
 +===== News Archive =====
 +{{page>[short news]#[section]&noheader}}
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