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by Trancesphere
Wed Feb 18, 2004 5:50 pm
Forum: SheepShaver
Topic: Building SheepShaver x86 Linux
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./configure: line 3090: syntax error near unexpected token `1.2.0,'
./configure: line 3090: ` AM_PATH_GTK(1.2.0, '
If you are getting this error, make sure you have gnome-libs installed.
by Trancesphere
Mon Feb 02, 2004 12:26 pm
Forum: SheepShaver
Topic: Mac OS 8.6 ROM
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The rom from the Mac OS 8.6 CD does work.
You have to extract it before you can use it.

Im using the l8est Sheepshaver (The one that was released a few days ago with the improved performance, its on cvs). Its running fine for me on fedora core 1 and mandrake 9.1
by Trancesphere
Fri Jan 23, 2004 10:20 pm
Forum: SheepShaver
Topic: CD-ROM not booting: Mandrake 9.2, SheepShaver-2.2-8.i586 RPM
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What ROM are you using (the one on the CD doesn't work as it's a New World ROM)?
The ROM on the 8.6 CD does work with 2.2-8

Im using it myself :lol: