Zone service daemon.
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Author:  goodbyespy [ Thu May 31, 2018 6:53 am ]
Post subject:  Zone service daemon.


I need a help with an information about ZONE service.
I want to use AppleTalk, but my a new timecapsule does not support
older version of AppleTalk.
To switch on AppleTalk (MacOS 9.2.1) I need an information about Current zone.
Do anybody know a daemon program which provide Zone service under FreeBSD or Linux?

Thanks, Oleg

Author:  mabam [ Thu May 31, 2018 9:14 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Zone service daemon.

First of all it is important to determine what you mean by "AppleTalk". Part of the original AppleTalk was DDP, that was the transport protocol. On top of that ran AFP, the AppleTalk Filing Protocol. Modern AFP runs on top of TCP i.s.o. DDP. MacOS 9.2.1 is capable of both, up to AFP version 2.x.

Afaik, zones are only used with DDP. But it is not required to define any of them. In that case the standard zone "*" is used. A server is not required if using DDP.
If you run MacOS 9 in an emulator like Qemu, you need to connect it to your network via a bridge to make DDP work.

If you are using TCP, there shouldn't be any zones. But an IP address needs to be assigned to MacOS 9, of course.

Your Time Capsule only supports AFP 3.x via TCP, none of the other AppleTalk stuff.

Your best bet is probably a machine (or VM) running A2SERVER on Ubuntu or Debian. That supports all AppleTalk versions from legacy to present.
The easiest way is to download a VM ready to be imported into VirtualBox:
Or you set up a Raspberry Pi or different machine, more info here:
(I have done this in a more extensive way here: https://emaculation.com/doku.php/applet ... os_and_osx )

If you are using AFP 2.x via TCP and are okay to do it the other way around – connect from modern macOS/OS X to a volume shared from MacOS 9, contrary to connecting from MacOS 9 to an external volume – you could use afpfs-ng-OSX:
viewtopic.php?f=34&t=9524&p=58790#p58790 .
But then resource forks and meta data don't get preserved. Depending on what kind of files you copy that might be an issue. I'm working on a work-around for that, but it is not yet ready.

If you use Linux to connect to a volume shared by MacOS 9, you can use afpfs-ng. But then connecting to the AFP 2.x volume is done using the shell. Also then, meta data and resource forks are not preserved. But Linux can't use them anyway.

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