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HFVExplorer 'No room' error when creating 2GB volume

Mon Jul 02, 2018 6:46 pm

I can create all the other volume sizes, but when I attempt to create a 2GB volume size, I get the error:

HFVExplorer: Could not format volume: No room.

The file isn't written or saved. It just fails.

Is there something I'm missing? or is there another/better way to create a 2GB HFV volume?


As usual, as soon as I post a question, I find the answer.

"When you go to create a new volume, don't select the 2GB option, select the 500MB option and just rename it to 2000 MB and it will create it just fine."

More specifically, the volume size dropdown is also a textbox that allows you to enter "2000 MB" - it actually creates a 2048MB file.

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