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PPC Version Differences

Sat Aug 18, 2018 4:48 am

I recently found my old Mac OS 8.1 system disc, thus, along with my other 9 disc, giving me access to 8.1-8.6, and 9.1-9.2.2.

I was curious as to whether anyone has tried a variety of these with SheepShaver and Qemu and if they've noticed practical differences. Even in actual Mac hardware there's some argument among retro users about which version is better for what task, although back in the day I remember the push was to always use the newest one available. ;)

I figured I would probably try to set up a few different installations and compare them myself, but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask after y'all's experiences -- whether some run more quickly, or some are significantly more compatible with more legacy software and/or the emulators themselves.

Re: PPC Version Differences

Sat Aug 18, 2018 5:57 am

If these are the versions you have, the choice is easy:

9.1/9.2 are only supported by Qemu.
The others can be run by SheepShaver, provided you use the oldworld rom (needed for anything below 8.5).

SheepShaver clearly has additional value itself over Qemu, such as: getting files in and out is easier, and sound support doesn't require an experimental build, speed is higher, access to Cd's.
Qemu, on the other hand is the more precise emulator: software like Office 2001 runs flawless.

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