Edit - Undo option?

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Edit - Undo option?

Post by D88M »

Please i need help, i accidentally changed the name of a file from my pc from within inside SheepShaver and now i cannot undo it and i did not got to see what kind of file and name it had :cry:
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Re: Edit - Undo option?

Post by adespoton »

We'll need a LOT more information.

What operating system are you running?
What folder were you sharing on your host?
What are the contents of the file you renamed? On macOS, you can find this out by opening Terminal.app and typing

Code: Select all

and then dragging the file onto the terminal window and pressing enter. On Windows, you can use powershell or cmd.exe and do the same or a similar thing.

In all cases, it's good to have a backup solution in place. Both macOS and Windows 10 provide built-in solutions for transparent regular snapshotting and external backups.
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Re: Edit - Undo option?

Post by emendelson »

To D88M: Do you know what the renamed file is named now? If so, and you're on Windows, open the renamed file in Notepad.exe and let us know what it says at the start of the file and the end of file.

If you don't know what the file is named now, then you'll simply have to look at every file that's in the directory that matches your Unix folder until you find the one that got renamed, and then open it in Windows Notepad as described above.
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