sheepshaver and dongle

About SheepShaver, a PPC Mac emulator for Windows, MacOS X, and Linux that can run System 7.5.3 to MacOS 9.0.4.

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sheepshaver and dongle

Post by odl »

new to the forum, I would like to start by saying thanks to the creator of SheepShaver. Great work. To me even culturally highly relevant, as I believe - beyond all technical aspects of keeping alive "outdated" software - the emulation of the early Mac system software expresses great respect to the enthusiasm of the era, to brilliant ideas and solid work of bright people.

Here my question : Is there a possibility to make SheepShaver accept or connect to an old dongle?

Up to now I still have two G4 Macs running OS9 for quite some soft- and hardware, as I did not succeed in running SheepShaver properly on OS10.4 up to OS10.12 on newer Macs. I had to rely on the native OS9 system software, converting the USB connection of the keyboard using "IMate" and connecting an ADB-mouse in line with two hardware dongles.

With the transition to Mojave, SheepShaver runs smoothly and it would be great to especially use the program 'Multiframe' and 'Minicad"( for educational purposes ) with ease again, by "swiping through spaces" to the emulated OS9 environment perfectly supported by SheepShaver.
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Re: sheepshaver and dongle

Post by adespoton »

Hi odl!
SheepShaver is the creation of many over time. It's quite amazing that it's survived so many hands at the wheel; at one point a few years back, we figured development was dead and it wouldn't survive the switch to Catalina... and then it did.

As SheepShaver doesn't support USB passthrough, it doesn't support dongles. The good news is, QEMU-PPC does support passthrough, and so works with a number of dongles (but not all). To see if it'll work for you, you'll need to get it set up.
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