Using USB with Windows 7 running Sheepshaver

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Using USB with Windows 7 running Sheepshaver

Post by sickdysk »

My problem is I have a USB external hard drive that I used to run programs off of on my original Mac computer running Mac OS 9.2.
I am able to mount the (mac USB external hard drive) with windows 7 but cannot launch application.
I tried selecting the program and "open with" MAC OS 9 (sheepshaver) but nothing happens.

Is there a way to copy the external drive into Mac OS 9 sheepshaver so I can use program?
The program has a password to run it -otherwise it opens as demo. (on my original Mac)
I can run the program with OS 9.2 off USB external hard drive (Mac)and it works fine -but not in Window7 with Sheepshaver.
I would like to run program as a full functioning program (since a paid for it 20 years ago -ahahah!) -it is currently unavailable ANYWHERE!
The question is how can I get my password protected program to run on Sheepshaver!
Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: Using USB with Windows 7 running Sheepshaver

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SheepShaver will not read usb disks in Windows.
What might work is if you create a disk image of the usb drive and add that disk image to the volumes list in the SheepShaver prefs.

You might be able to use this to create a disk image from the usb drive:

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Re: Using USB with Windows 7 running Sheepshaver

Post by 24bit »

If Richard´s original Mac is still working, I would make disk images with everything I want to keep with DiskCopy6 and move those .img files to the Windows 7 machine.
I did just that with my stuff. :)
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