64-bit Sheepshaver Launcher

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64-bit Sheepshaver Launcher

Post by mschmitt »

I have SheepShaver Launcher from Sparsebundle support, and new builds of SS & B2, but it is 32-bit so won't run on macOS 10.15 Catalina.

What's the status of SheepShaver Launcher these days? Is it considered obsolete?

The version you get from macemu's downloads is still 32-bit.
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Re: 64-bit Sheepshaver Launcher

Post by Ronald P. Regensburg »

As far as I am aware, the SheepShaver Launcher has not been worked on for years. I tried it a long time ago for testing purposes only. The most recent version I know is from 2013, indeed 32-bit only. In the latest version of our SheepShaver for OSX setup manual I removed reference to the launcher.

I myself feel no need for the launcher. I have my different virtual machines as .sheepvm packages. If you have virtual machines as folders that were managed by the launcher, appending the .sheepvm extension to the folder names will turn them into .sheepvm virtual machines.
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