Sheepshaver on Crostini (running on a chromebook)

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Sheepshaver on Crostini (running on a chromebook)

Post by valkin »

Hi there,

First post - and this is completely for a "because i can"

One of my daily driver machines is a Google Pixelbook i7, really nice machine with Android and Linux support - namely the linux support is crostini - and that got me thinking - could i infact run Sheepshaver?

I did a bit of digging and found this site - already have it running on my Windows server - which offcourse i can RDP into and run sheepshaver there.. surprisingly - using the 2015 version - it runs quite good.

How is the linux support these days?.. Where is the most up2date version?.. i guess there isent a repo from where we can apt install it ?
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Re: Sheepshaver on Crostini (running on a chromebook)

Post by adespoton »

Debian-family repos have an SDL1.2 version of SheepShaver that's a little old, but still works to some degree. I seem to recall networking and CD-ROM support are a little tricky as well. Luckily, has pre-built binaries for a number of Linux targets.

If these don't work, it's probably easier to build from source if you want the lastest SDL2 version of SheepShaver. This will require a bit more technical knowhow, but isn't too difficult.

Useful info can be found here:
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