Build for RaspberryPi 3a+ Without GUI/GTK/Xorg?

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Build for RaspberryPi 3a+ Without GUI/GTK/Xorg?

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What I'm Trying To Do:
I am trying to get SheepShaver running on a Raspberry Pi 3a+ running Raspbian Lite, without a desktop interface, as to save on overhead and performance. I am making for a very custom setup, as I want it to more or less boot straight into macOS 9, with as little "friction" between the two as possible.

However, I am having some trouble in either finding, or compiling, a build of SheepShaver that omits x-windows, GTK, and uses strictly SDL & the display.

I looked through the different compilation options, and got a build compiled with SDL (no GTK, and purportedly no x-window), but it throws this every time I try to boot:

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error: XDG_RUNTIME_DIR not set in the environment.
ERROR: Cannot map Low Memory Globals: Invalid Argument.
XDG appears to be related to the Xorg Window Server, which, being Raspbian lite and with no desktop, doesn't have this (to my knowledge).

As far as the memory globals, I have ensured that I am running as root, and have nogui set. The RAM is set to 16MB in the sheepshaver configuration file.

When trying to run the novaspirit build, it instead throws:

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(SheepShaver:3030): Gtk-WARNING **: (time): cannot open display: 
This also appears to be related to a GUI and the X window system, even though I set it to nogui???

None of the build instructions go into the different options of

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found by running

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./configure --help
and some options seem to be ignored. (For example, the option to be without x window is ignored if SDL is also disabled, and fbdev/framebuffer graphics are always disabled no matter what values are passed.

Can I get some help on what I'm doing wrong, and/or what I need to do to get it right? There's not a lot of documentation on the various build options, and everything seems to assume you'll be using SheepShaver from a windowed environment, even though it supports fullscreen SDL graphics.
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