What games are people playing on SS in 2021?

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What games are people playing on SS in 2021?

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I know some people are using SS for serious work, but lately I've only been using it for games.
I'm just curious what games people are playing on SS in 2021.
Maybe the experimental D3D/OpenGL support will result in some more games being playable in the future.

Here are the SS games I play the most (I play some others in BII), most played first:

- Risk II: best version of Risk. A blast in multiplayer. AI is so-so but single-player is still fun to me.

- Civilization II Gold: sessions of Civ2 can last for many consecutive hours but SS runs it like clockwork.

- Nascar Racing: Yes, driving in the wrong way, crashing into the pack and watching it in the game's surprisingly advanced replay tool is stupid. But it feels good.

- SimCity 2000: those cities all look very similar, yet every city has its own character.

- Diablo: I could play it directly on W10 but nostalgia kicks in.

- some shareware games: Bushfire, Reckless Drivin', ... : the computing word lost bigly when classic Mac shareware games disappeared. Those two are among the last of the greats (early 00's). I play many more under BasiliskII (Ambrosia Software games, etc.). Classic Mac shareware games make up for a whole subculture. Richard Moss captured this spririt perfectly in his 2018 book The Secret History of Mac Gaming https://secrethistoryofmacgaming.com/.

Looking forward to reading a few answers.

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Re: What games are people playing on SS in 2021?

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The big one my family plays (because it's better than the versions on other platforms) is Lode Runner Online - Revenge of the Mad Monks. It's essentially the pinnacle of the Lode Runner experience; the only thing that would make it better is multiplayer network support. But it has the best level builder, great colors, and good existing levels.
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