How to set up SheepShaver for actual dummies?

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How to set up SheepShaver for actual dummies?

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First, I really appreciate the work everyone is doing to make older versions of Mac usable, as it is a vitally important resource in an increasingly stringent software landscape.

However, on and off throughout the years I have tried to get SheepShaver to work, and have usually just used other emulators because I find the install guides so incredibly dense to the point of being unusable.

Fundamentally, which of these ROMs am I actually supposed to use? Just tell me. If they're literally vital to using your app, there's no reason to say "maybe you could google this" and then rely on the kindness of a random blog man to host the ROM. I, on a basic level, cannot get SheepShaver to even open without getting a question mark floppy disk because I'm messing something up and none of the guides, or any of the posts on this site, have clear outlines on what I'm doing wrong and what I need to do in the first place. It might be fatigue from needing this for a work project, but I am just vexed at the inability to find a clear guide on what works. Am I supposed to use the Columbia University person's wrapper? When does that not work?

Once I get this working, I would be THRILLED to write a simple, for-extremely-dumb-people guide that takes into account all of the resources that exist in other places, but I cannot for the life of me parse what I'm supposed to be doing and what I'm doing wrong at this stage.

Any help for apparently the densest person who ever tried to use SheepShaver, on a ground level, would be deeply, deeply appreciated.
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Re: How to set up SheepShaver for actual dummies?

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You do not mention which is your host system (OSX/macOS or Windows). So it is not clear which guide you use. We try to make the setup guides as simple as possible, but the procedure simply is not simple.

And, yes, it is this board's policy not not link directly to copyright or Eula protected material, so we are stuck with descriptions of where to find which files.

When you search the web for "Mac OS 9 for Windows" or for "Mac OS 9 for OS X/macOS" (depending on your host system), you will find a pre-configured SheepShaver setup that is easier to use.

Edit: Post support questions about the use of these preconfigured setups in the "Other SheepShaver configurations" subforum.
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