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About SheepShaver, a PPC Mac emulator for Windows, MacOSX, and Linux that can run System 7.5.3 through MacOS 9.0.4.
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SheepShaver Installation and User Guides

Mon Dec 13, 2004 10:34 pm


SheepShaver's Installation and User's guide for Windows, OSX and Linux are available here:

http://emaculation.com/doku.php/sheepshaver_setup (Windows)
http://emaculation.com/doku.php/sheepsh ... os_x_setup (OS X)
http://www.emaculation.com/doku.php/ubuntu (Linux)

This guide describes setting up Appletalk for SheepShaver (OS X):
http://www.emaculation.com/doku.php/app ... heepshaver

An off-site setup guide (thanks to Sriranga Veeraraghavan) can be found here:
http://www.csua.berkeley.edu/~ranga/not ... haver.html (OS X)

No longer accessible is http://gwenole.beauchesne.info/dokuwiki ... haver:help

Any suggestions are welcome,

Best wishes,

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Reason: added a guide site

Tue Dec 14, 2004 7:48 am

Thanks for finding the time to update SheepShaver documentation.

A few comments:

- SheepShaver for Windows will only work with NT kernels >= 4. There normally is a check for that. Grmpf, that's on the B2 side, will add it for SS too.

- Features: SheepShaver does support some Native QuickDraw acceleration, Copy-Paste of text between MacOS and the host OS.

- ExtFS: "extfs" has no effect in the Windows version, rather "enableextfs" is used and it's a boolean value. This makes it possible to show up a "My Computer" icon on the desktop with all available drives in it. They could masked out by specifying only the right set in "extdrives".

- "frameskip", I suggest local users stick to "frameskip" set to 0. Remote people may want to change this value.

- "ignoresegv" is to ignore illegal memory accesses. This can create problems but for now, it's the only way to get Apple Personal Diagnostics working in MacOS 9.0.4.

Tue Dec 14, 2004 8:10 am


I will update the guide accordingly.


Wed Dec 15, 2004 1:08 am

sites down :(

might want to mention my gui for sheepshaver win

Mon Dec 20, 2004 6:16 pm

It's up to you of course, but for newbies you might want to mention my new gui for sheepshaver for windows that is being talked about a bit around the site.

downloadable at http://www.heavensangelgraphicdesign.com/sheepgui.zip

requires microsoft .NET runtime library 1.1 and up, which most people will already have thanks to windows update.

Just in case it helps people out a bit. I found the prefs file confusing and annoying to use which is why I wrote the gui, but others seem to be liking it for the most part.

If it helps then good, if not, fine with me. Just a thought anyway.


Re: SheepShaver for Windows Installation and User's guide

Mon Dec 20, 2004 7:17 pm

Cat_7 wrote:The cdenable.sys file probably solving your cd rom read-problems can be found here:
http://www.ou.nl/open/hsp/Engels/SheepS ... enable.sys
place this file in your windows/system32 folder.

I think this file needs to be in \windows\system32\drivers
If it's just in system, it doesn't work for me. (WinXP)

Just my .2c :)

Tue Dec 21, 2004 11:25 am

dkelly and luckyy,

I have incorporated your remarks in the guide and sticky,



Wed Jul 08, 2009 10:12 am

For the sake of removing clutter, I have edited the original post in this thread. It now also points to the setup guides in the wiki. This is now the only stickied thread with links to guides.

Thu Jul 08, 2010 1:02 pm

each new version of ss is of no use to me, only the latter of gwenole is useful because in all the other versions we get sheep to quit when running adobe framemaker 7.0 (last mac version), giving an opcode error. those days gwenole made updates same thing happened and when I contacted him, he had solved that issue with next update. But all these new versions must be based on the former version of gwenolé, pitty though !

Thu Jul 08, 2010 1:28 pm

The later versions are built from the existing source code, not from any release version by Gwenole. Either Gwenole did not add the fix to the source, or the fix was somehow reversed by a later change in the source. Regrettably, Gwenole stopped doing work on SheepShaver and BasiliskII, even removed his web-site, and no one has taken his place as leading developer.

Set-Up issue

Sat Sep 10, 2011 4:40 am

Hey guys-

I am trying to install sheepshaver on Snow Leopard on a MacBook Pro (purchased june 2011). I am by no means a programer so i am a little over my skis on this whole thing. That said, i had no choice but to follow the directions with precision...which i did. However, when i try to start sheepshaver it does not "startup from the install CD (or from the CD disk image)." as described in the "Booting sheepshaver...." step. Instead, it just opens like it did previously (the grey screen with the ? floppy image, and can't quit unless i force quit). Any suggestions?

Sat Sep 10, 2011 10:15 am

Apparently SheepShaver cannot find a bootable startup disk, which, at this stage, should be either a system install CD or a install CD image.
Install CD or install CD image are not included and must be provided by yourself.

Do you use a real system install CD or a CD disk image? If you use a real CD, ignore the instructions in italics that refer to using a CD disk image only.

If you use a real system install CD:
Is it a general retail CD? Is it a compatible* MacOS version? Did you insert the CD and have it it mount in MacOSX before you launched SheepShaver?

If you use a CD disk image:
Are you sure it is an image created from a compatible* system install CD? Where did you get it? Have you added (the path to) the image file to the volumes list in SheepShaver preferences? Did you lock the file in Finder Info? (Note that, unlike a real CD, a CD image should not be mounted in MacOSX.)

For both: Is the MacOS version on install CD or install CD image compatible* with the ROM file you use?

* See the setup guide about MacOS version and ROM file compatibility.

Thu Sep 15, 2011 2:58 am

wow, that is a lot to think about. i will do my best to clarify:

I have tried a real system install CD, however the CD i used was for Snow leopard, does it need to be a CD fro and earlier OS such as OS7? If so i have not tried this with an actual CD. If my Snow leopard disk is OK, i have mounted it, and locked it in the Finder but i still have not been successful. In the event that i need to get an earlier OS CD, where could i find such a thing?

Using a disk image: I think i have tried this. I downloaded (from apple) the OS 7 disk image, but it came in like 17 parts, so i was a little confused what exactly to do with them. I have tried to open them, but it fails because "the disk image could not be recognized." Do all 17 items make up the disk image, or how does that all work? Further, how do i add all 17 items to the volumes? Is there a way to get ahold of a single disk image for OS 7, or 8, or 9? If so, where can i track something like that down?

thanks for your help

Thu Sep 15, 2011 11:54 am

SheepShaver emulates a PPC Mac that can run System 7.5.3 through MacOS 9.0.4 with an old world ROM file and MacOS 8.5 through 9.0.4 when you use a new world ROM file. A new world ROM file is preferable when using MacOS 8.5 through 9.0.4.

You must install the system in the emulated machine yourself. You can use a system install CD, but that must, of course, be one that installs an old system that is compatible with SheepShaver and with the ROM file that you use with SheepShaver.

Though distribution of system disk images is illegal, you can quite easily find such images on the internet. You can, for instance, find a SheepShaver compatible MacOS 9.0.4 install CD image on the Macintosh Garden site under Operating Systems. Make sure you choose the one that is explicitly advertised as being compatible with SheepShaver.

The SheepShaver for MacOSX setup guide has instructions for using a CD image instead of an actual CD in italics: http://www.emaculation.com/doku.php/she ... os_x_setup

Installing System 7.5.3 using the 19 part image that can be downloaded from Apple is a little more complicated. The procedure is similar to the procedure for setting up system 7.5.3 with BasiliskII for Mac OSX: http://www.emaculation.com/doku.php/bas ... _osx_setup

almost there....

Fri Sep 16, 2011 6:21 pm

thanks so much for the walkthrough! I think i am almost there. Thank you also for your patience.

I was able to find a OS9 disk image from macintosh garden that was labeled as "sheepshaver compatible" the actual file is named "Mac OS 9 retail.toast" I added it to the volumes, and when i open sheepshaver, it now opens with a OS 9 logo (Progress!), however i am stopped by the following pop-up "The system software on the start-up disk only functions on the original media not if copied to another drive" I am assuming that this means that the disk image i downloaded is from the CD that originally came with a computer so, as explained in the instructions, it can't be used except on the computer it came with. I don't think this is a big deal, if i understand it correctly i just need to find a different disk image. My question is, is there a way to tell if the disk image is from a came-with-the-computer-CD, or not?

I am also perfectly willing to accept that my diagnosis of the problem is incorrect, in which case what is the problem and how can i solve it?

thanks again, you have been super helpful

Re: almost there....

Fri Sep 16, 2011 7:41 pm

The image you downloaded is fine.
"The system software on the start-up disk only functions on the original media not if copied to another drive"

The system finds itself on a writable media (the image file) and not on a read-only real CD. In the SheepShaver setup manual you are instructed to lock the CD image file in the MacOSX Finder: Select its icon, hit command-I, and in the Information window select the "Locked" box. The file is now locked and thus read-only, which will make the system think it is on the real CD.

Re: SheepShaver Installation and User Guides

Fri Jul 20, 2012 5:39 pm

I made change in the SS prefs (screen size) and saved them. But SS would not boot again. So, I used the script to wipe out the prefs and started over from scratch but cannot get OS9 to launch. I have tried several times and no luck. I think it may be due to having had a previously install. But in any case, I would like any advice to get back up and running that anyone could provide.


Re: SheepShaver Installation and User Guides

Fri Jul 20, 2012 7:29 pm

podolsky wrote:but cannot get OS9 to launch.

Exactly what do you mean? Doesn't SheepShaver launch, or does SheepShaver launch but does it show only the floppy icon with question mark, or is it another problem? Please describe what happens when you launch SheepShaver.

Re: SheepShaver Installation and User Guides

Fri Jul 20, 2012 7:39 pm

Sorry, yes, it shows the disk, I input all new prefs, I save the prefs, I conrol/esc out of SS and it fails to launch again. I am frustrated as I was having great performance and like an idiot I changed a pref and poof!

Re: SheepShaver Installation and User Guides

Fri Jul 20, 2012 7:52 pm

Well, simply changing the screen size in the prefs shouldn't stop SheepShaver working.

Please post here the content of your prefs file. Launch Terminal and type at the prompt:
open .sheepshaver_prefs
followed by a return.

The prefs file should open in TextEdit. Copy the content and paste it here.

Re: SheepShaver Installation and User Guides

Fri Jul 20, 2012 7:55 pm


Here you go:

disk SheepShaver Folder/MacOS9.dsk
cdrom /dev/poll/cdrom
extfs SheepShaver Folder
screen win/1800/1000
windowmodes 0
screenmodes 0
seriala /dev/cu.Bluetooth-Modem
serialb /dev/null
rom Mac OS ROM
bootdrive 0
bootdriver 0
ramsize -2147483648
frameskip 0
gfxaccel true
nocdrom false
nonet false
nosound false
nogui false
noclipconversion false
ignoresegv true
ignoreillegal false
jit true
jit68k false
keyboardtype 5
ether slirp
keycodes false
mousewheelmode 0
mousewheellines 1
dsp /dev/dsp
mixer /dev/mixer
ignoresegv true
idlewait true

Re: SheepShaver Installation and User Guides

Fri Jul 20, 2012 8:30 pm

disk SheepShaver Folder/MacOS9.dsk
You have indeed that disk image inside a SheepShaver folder inside the folder that contains SheepShaver?
extfs SheepShaver Folder
Better do assign a folder as shared folder that also contains files for SheepShaver, like in this case the MacOS9.dsk image.

ramsize -2147483648
This is probably the problem. You have a negative value for the RAM Size.

Re: SheepShaver Installation and User Guides

Fri Jul 20, 2012 8:46 pm

okay. Must I wipe my prefs first?

I started over, followed every instruction and fixed the ram and still all I have is disk with question mark. I do note that the window is the size I want! Which is where I started.

Thanks - r
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Re: SheepShaver Installation and User Guides

Fri Jul 20, 2012 9:06 pm

You can also edit the prefs file in TextEdit. Make it a normal value, for instance 512 MB. That line would than be:
ramsize 536870912

Re: SheepShaver Installation and User Guides

Fri Jul 20, 2012 10:02 pm

All is fine again. So, what are the constraints in changing the Prefs? I feel now that I just cannot mess them at all for fear of causing me to have re-config everything.

Thanks again Ron!
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