new cvs build?

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new cvs build?

Post by yyyc186 »

gb - i'm not naggin honestly :). I'd love to see the rom patch fixes and I'm guessing but I might be wrong the JIT patch fixes in a build I can play with over my X-Mas break.

While I'm asking are you planning on supporting network using TUN/TAP ala Pear and Linux or via the Basilisk Driver?

Also I'm still assuming we can't "build our own" - not that I've had much success with that for the Win32 build. I'm guessing you are using the VC.NET free compiler? but don't see any build scripts in CVS.

Its great to play with long lost toys. I'm going to fire up Codewarrior in SheepShaver and see what it does.
Huge thanks.
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