SheepShaver for OS X req's
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Author:  eby [ Fri Nov 18, 2005 8:41 am ]
Post subject:  SheepShaver for OS X req's


1, What is the minimum HW & SW requirement to run SS on a Mac. ? Is Beige G3's with 10.2.8 supported ?. Do I need PPC Mac ROM for this ?. Can we use oldWorld & NewWorld ROM's on a Mac ?.

3, Is it possible to run BeOS PPC under SS OS X with oldworld ROM ?.

Thanks in advance.

Author:  Cat_7 [ Fri Nov 18, 2005 10:46 am ]
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-There is a SheepShaver build for 10.2.8.
-You will need an old world or new world powermac rom file
-Beos will not run. SheepShaver emulates Mac OS only.

From the SheepShaver for OSX readme:
SheepShaver 2.2 - snapshot 2005/03/15

Very Quick Start and Notes

- Copy the sample prefs to your home dir and name it .sheepshaver_prefs
e.g. cp sheepshaver_prefs.sample ~/.sheepshaver_prefs

- The following options have to be edited:
e.g. emacs/vi/your-favorite-editor ~/.sheepshaver_prefs

rom /Path/To/The/ROMImage
disk /Path/To/The/DiskImage
extfs /Path/To/The/Directory/You/Want/To/Share
keycodefile /Path/To/Where/You/Placed/keycodes.sdl

- If the DiskImage is blank, SheepShaver will boot on CD

- For the CD-ROM drive to be detected and used within SheepShaver,
you first have to insert a medium prior to starting up the

Visit: http://www.gibix.net/dokuwiki/en:projects:sheepshaver for more info.


Author:  eby [ Sat Nov 19, 2005 12:24 pm ]
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I've grabbed 4MB Rom from my 6200, 8100 & Beige G3 none of these work with SS Mac OS X on Beige G3. The system simply freezes.

Does anyone have the list of supported ROM's on Mac and any utility to validate ROM image checksums. Thanks in advance.

Author:  eby [ Sat Nov 19, 2005 1:00 pm ]
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Cat_7 wrote:

-Beos will not run. SheepShaver emulates Mac OS only.

I understand SheepShaver for OS X is run-time env for Mac PPC users same as in the early years of SS. SS for PPC systems runs without any emulation thus reaching near full speed of the host system. Much like todays MOL PPC, MOM OS X, VMWare or acclerated QEMU for x86.

Thus, I don't see any reason why BeOS PPC can't run under SS Mac OS X with compatible ROM.

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