bad cd(-image)? -the Solution-: guide

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bad cd(-image)? -the Solution-: guide

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This happens ... but can be solved.

What you will need:

- a Mac with MacOS X with the classic enviroment installed, won't work in PearPC
- Basillisk running MacOS 7-8.1 or SheepShaver running 7-9.04
- a MacOS Install CD or CD image

1. (only for people with a CD image) Burn the cd image to a cd using TransMac.
2. Go to your Macintosh. Open Disk Utility (Programs/Utilities).
3. Make a new disc image called MacOS.dmg
4. After it's made and activated, Partition it in the MacOS Default (HFS) filesystem.

5. (OK, you"ll need Classic to do this. Check your Mac's restore disc's. One of them should be the Classic Runtime Enviroment Installation DVD. Install Classic.) Insert your MacOS 8 or 9 installation disc. Open the installer. Chose 'customised installation' and chose only the nessesary stuff. You don't need the Apple Disk drivers to be updated, so uncheck. Install MacOS to your disk image.
Note: i don't know this in OS9, but in OS8; you should chose a 'universal' (works on all Macs) system (Customize/Core System -switch from Recommended installation to Customized Installation and select the Universal System)
Note: your MacOS.dmg won't be bootable in SheepShaver.
6. Burn the Disk Image with Disk Utility to a CD.

7. Make a new disk image with the Basilisk GUI, and make sure Basilisk will mount it at launch.
8. Make sure Basilisk mounts your Mac-CD.
9. In MacOS 7, intisialize the new disk image.
10. Move all files from the CD to your new disk image.
11. Close Basilisk.
12. Let SheepShaver boot the new image ... Happy Mac :lol:
13. Pick your MacOS install CD and install extra componements.

So, infact, we have installed the system on a Mac and then moved the installed system to your PC.
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